Hall China - Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf - Teacup & Saucer & Graham Thomas English Rose - Original Still Life Oil Painting

Presently Not For Sale - Click on post title above for information
This is a sentimental composition as the rose is my Mom's. I grew up eating off of Hall's China (Autumn Leaf pattern.)
It is a 5"x7" on canvas panel.
See this painting's progression here:
copyrighted photo and painting by Carolyn Hietala

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Visit to see Virginia Wildlife as found in your own backyard. Enjoy! Nature Art & Photography by Carolyn Hietala

There's probably a Spotted Salamander lurking in your backyard.
Photograph copyrighted.


A Snake In The Grass!

Take a walk "on the wild side" in Chesterfield County. More here.....


Original Oil Paintings Available For Sale
can now be viewed here:
Carolyn Hietala


Purple Plum & White Cotton Handkerchief Still Life Art Oil Painting by Carolyn Hietala

Small original oil painting on 4"x4" stretched canvas. The appearance is very "Rich" with its dramatic lighting and will show even more depth & drama after varnishing. My Dad would be pleased to see his handkerchief included in this composition ;0) I truly enjoyed painting this little gem! See this painting's progression here:
photograph & painting copyright protected

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"Death By Chocolate #1" ACEO 2.5" x 3.5" miniature still life oil painting of Caramel & Dark Kisses & The Fly....... UPDATE:SOLD

This is the first in my new series Death By Chocolate. Should be a fun series as "the fly" will be present in all of these little works. I assure you the fly did perish of natural causes but alas..... lost a leg while positioning during a painting session..... sorry. May have to obtain a "stand-in" for future works ;0) Step by step in my Daily Painting Blog: Thank you for your interest in my art.
Carolyn Hietala

Shawnee Pottery Salt & Pepper Shakers Oil Painting / Original Art by Carolyn Hietala / SOLD.... (click here for purchase details)

Available in gallery - McCool's Of Bon Air - Richmond, Va.
This painting can be viewed from start to finish on my Painting Daily Oil Sketches blog. Here is the link

These shakers are very sentimental to me and I enjoyed painting them......with all the memories they hold. Thank you for your interest in my art. Carolyn Hietala


To All My Artist & Customer Friends.... Happy July 4th 2007!



Oil painting in progress of a Catbird's kitten preparing for a gourmet feast! Look what the cat... no bird dragged in! Original art by Carolyn Hietala

This is the reference photograph for a painting I am presently working on. Photo is of one of my fantasy art sculptures presented in a natural setting.... digitally altered to simulate a negative. The 9"x12" realistic oil will of course be in full natural color. The "fish"ingworm is the main course for this kitten! What if cats REALLY had wings.... would open up a whole new can of worms. You think?
(click on copyrighted image to enlarge)


This is one of the paintings I am currently working on. See the step by step progression on my Painting Daily Oil Sketches blog (click here)

Painting begins with an oil wash sketch on 10"x10" stretched canvas. I will post updated images: as this painting progresses over the next few weeks. Then it will be off for auction via eBay. New kittens napping on old potholders and nesting bowls..... hey they'll sleep anywhere!
Carolyn Hietala


Virginia Senator Warner and Representative Goodlatte.... PLEASE co-sponsor the Arthritis Prevention, Control and Cure Act s. 626!

I attended a meeting yesterday at the Virginia Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation here in Richmond and learned more about this Act. Do you or a loved one suffer from arthritis? Find out more about s. 626 here

The following is an excerpt from our local Arthritis Foundation's website:

We worked diligently to secure co-sponsors in Congress for the Arthritis Prevention, Control and Cure Act. When it passes, this bill will make huge strides in our knowledge of and ability to treat juvenile arthritis, fund additional arthritis research at NIH, and ensure the arthritis program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This program is important to us as funds flow from the CDC back to Virginia to combat arthritis as a public health issue. Currently the only members of Congress from Virginia who have not agreed to co-sponsor this important legislation are Senator Warner and Representative Goodlatte. We could use your help. If you have not yet registered as an arthritis advocate, please do so by navigating through the Advocacy tab on the home page. (Arthritis Advocacy

Here is how you can help by becoming an advocate as I have done. Send a letter to your representative expressing your support of this Act.

For all you Artists or Art Lovers out there:

Did you know that Pierre-Auguste Renoir suffered from a devastating form of arthritis?
Check out this site to read about how he and his life as an artist was greatly affected by this painful disabling disease. He was truly an amazing man! Art and Arthritis Here is another great site to visit.

Carolyn Hietala aka Lifeoncanvas

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Richmond's wildlife rehabilitation ARK (Area Rehabbers Klub)

Read on for more information about this wonderful organization based here in our Richmond, Virginia area.

ARK is an all volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of experienced rehabilitators who are committed to helping orphaned and injured wildlife.

Through dedicated care, medical aid, nursing, proper diet, and ongoing training our goal is to return every rehabilitated animal that has a chance back into its natural wild environment.

Help for these animals is provided by a network of state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitators with over 20 years of experience and knowledge in wildlife care, handling and release.

We welcome assistance from service organizations, Eagle Scout projects and students looking for community service opportunities. For more information go to how to help that can be found in our website

If you have found an animal in need and want to know what to do call our hotline (this info also found in ARK website.)

Originial Art by Carolyn Hietala

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"Vintage Feather Pillows" oil painting series by Carolyn Hietala

Recently I have been very surprised with the response that I am receiving regarding my "Vintage Feather Pillows" series. I began the series strictly for sentimental reasons as I have lost loved ones in the last few years. My parents were also tragically taken during Isabel in 2003 so painting these bits of the past brings good memories closer to me.

Others have also shared their fond memories with me via email and have purchased several paintings. Therefore I have been concentrating on continuing this series. Several local art galleries here in Richmond, Virginia have expressed an interest in showing them. I am also adding larger works to the series and several are life-size.

I truly am enjoying painting them and pleased that others in viewing them are reminded of and embracing their cherished memories from the past too! ;0)

Original Oil Paintings by Carolyn Hietala aka Lifeoncanvas


Vintage Feather Pillow No.3 "Cat Sleeping Do NOT Disturb!" 5x7 canvas panel Oil Painting Original Art SOLD

(click on photo to supersize)
Here's my cat Charlie doing what he does best..... again! Counting sheep is his favorite pastime along with watching birds of course. View the progression of this oil painting in my Daily Painting Oil Sketches blog:

10% from the proceeds of this painting will benefit ARK (Area Rehabbers Klub): which is a wildlife rehabilitation and rescue organization based in Richmond, Virginia.

As always thank you for your interest in my Art.
Carolyn Hietala


"In Memory of Buffy" my persian cat. Impressionist oil painting on wood panel / 18"x24" / NotForSale / Artist Collection

A fond memory of Buffy on a hot, hazy summer day.

She was cooling under an antique wagon at the edge of the woods. Oh what a sweet girl she was.... a real lady. I have already begun a new painting of this as a 12"x12" as I just adore this painting that I did in 1984..... and will really enjoy creating it again..... in 2006. She truly touched my heart.
Carolyn Hietala


Hietala Art Vintage Feather Down Pillow Oil Painting via eBay. Shabby Chic! Flea market gold frame included. Art For Critters benefit ............SOLD

This auction will benefit ARK (Area Rehabbers Klub) based in Richmond, Virginia. They will receive 10% of the proceeds from the sale of this painting. Here is their website. Please visit and see what wonderful work they do in wildlife rescue. (click on title above painting to view auction or bid) Carolyn Hietala


Painting Daily Oil Sketches by Carolyn Hietala

I have recently begun a blog "Painting Daily Oil Sketches."

The focus will be on small studies in oil and contain a step-by-step journel not intended for art instruction but as a document of my personal "On the Job Training" learning experiences in oil painting. The sessions are kept short as the time working on them is only during rest breaks from current works.
My goal is that each new painting will bring me the satisfaction in knowing that I gave it my best.
Upon completion of each painting I will post the final here in my Lifeoncanvas blog.


Art for Critters WOODLAND Collection Auction is on eBay! 15 original ACEO works 100% for Charity (click here to view) SOLD

The Art for Critters artists present the "Woodland Creatures" auction, featuring 15 ACEO (2.5 x 3.5 inches) original miniature paintings.
100% of the proceeds will go straight to Sarvey Wildlife Care Center, a wonderful organization that helps wild animals by providing wildlife rehabilitation and care, educating the public to the needs of wildlife and creating a sanctuary for wildlife.

Charlie my cat "counting sheep" beneath my easel as I paint. I am enjoying Frida Kahlo in the movie "Frida"......of course. Charlie is such a help!

As a matter of fact

I am presently painting

a sleeping Charlie.......

so innocent AND

a bit too large for

my footrest though.

He is such a gentle giant!

(remember him in my "Mommy Cat and Kitten" painting?)

Carolyn Hietala


"Watching CATWOMAN".....a photograph of my cat joining me for a favorite movie in my art studio. Painting with good company. Cat and a movie!

Greyboy is quite
a character.
He always has to
"be in your business."

I love that about him....
so personable and
and yes a bit

He steals paint brushes....
am NOT happy about that.
It's OK though....
I still LOVE my
Carolyn Hietala

SOLD Nature Art for Wildlife Rehabbers ARK / Moth Pupa Oil Painting by Carolyn Hietala / SOLD via local charity auction Rockwood Park, Virginia

Frame is included. See the painting progress from blank canvas to completion in my Nature Art Blog.

I am a member artist of Art For Critters and you may learn more about us by accessing our website. You will find us listed under the links section in this blog.

Art For Critters is dedicated to helping animals.

Please help us help them!

Carolyn Hietala


Oil Painting of Dog "My Little Man" by Carolyn Hietala....SOLD (click here to view auction)

This little Miniature Pinscher was presented to me by my daughter and has been the best companion. He is smart, devoted, and makes the world's best heating pad at night!

A few weeks ago I placed his food bowl in front of him after telling him to "Sit"and "Wait." I got distracted and forgot to give him the "OK" release command so he could eat. I continued with my morning routine of going to the living room with my coffee. Well after about 15 minutes I heard this muted "Woof,Woof" coming from the kitchen. I went to look and there he was.........sitting..........waiting! I said "OK" and he gladly ate! Poor baby. I love my Min Pin.

Nature Art Oil Paintings & Photography Blog By Carolyn Hietala

Fine Art For Nature Lovers

I have added a new blog dedicated to nature.

I hope you enjoy it!

Click here
to visit.


Miniature Pinscher Photograph Now Grown Up (subject of "My Little Man" painting)

Miniature Pinscher Art Min Pin Oil Painting "My Little Man" Oval Stretched Canvas ...SOLD (click here to view auction)

Cow Art Oil Painting Landscape Milk Bucket "Good Morning Earlybirds" 6x8 Stretched Canvas ...SOLD (click here to view auction)

Still Life ... "No.1 of Vintage Feather Pillow" Series ... SOLD


Photo of Now Grown-Up (subject of my "Mommy Cat & Kitten" painting)...doing what he does best!

"Me at 16" photo from my high school yearbook...working on a pastel portrait ... class project ... it was SOLD to a teacher.


Cat Kitten Oil Painting "Mommy Cat & Kitten" 4"x6" Stretched Oval Canvas...SOLD

"Soft Brown Hair" 11"x14"pastel...not for sale

This was done by me when I was in my teens and was gifted to a much loved cousin ;0)