Art for Critters WOODLAND Collection Auction is on eBay! 15 original ACEO works 100% for Charity (click here to view) SOLD

The Art for Critters artists present the "Woodland Creatures" auction, featuring 15 ACEO (2.5 x 3.5 inches) original miniature paintings.
100% of the proceeds will go straight to Sarvey Wildlife Care Center, a wonderful organization that helps wild animals by providing wildlife rehabilitation and care, educating the public to the needs of wildlife and creating a sanctuary for wildlife.

Charlie my cat "counting sheep" beneath my easel as I paint. I am enjoying Frida Kahlo in the movie "Frida"......of course. Charlie is such a help!

As a matter of fact

I am presently painting

a sleeping Charlie.......

so innocent AND

a bit too large for

my footrest though.

He is such a gentle giant!

(remember him in my "Mommy Cat and Kitten" painting?)

Carolyn Hietala


"Watching CATWOMAN".....a photograph of my cat joining me for a favorite movie in my art studio. Painting with good company. Cat and a movie!

Greyboy is quite
a character.
He always has to
"be in your business."

I love that about him....
so personable and
and yes a bit

He steals paint brushes....
am NOT happy about that.
It's OK though....
I still LOVE my
Carolyn Hietala

SOLD Nature Art for Wildlife Rehabbers ARK / Moth Pupa Oil Painting by Carolyn Hietala / SOLD via local charity auction Rockwood Park, Virginia

Frame is included. See the painting progress from blank canvas to completion in my Nature Art Blog.

I am a member artist of Art For Critters and you may learn more about us by accessing our website. You will find us listed under the links section in this blog.

Art For Critters is dedicated to helping animals.

Please help us help them!

Carolyn Hietala