"Vintage Feather Pillows" oil painting series by Carolyn Hietala

Recently I have been very surprised with the response that I am receiving regarding my "Vintage Feather Pillows" series. I began the series strictly for sentimental reasons as I have lost loved ones in the last few years. My parents were also tragically taken during Isabel in 2003 so painting these bits of the past brings good memories closer to me.

Others have also shared their fond memories with me via email and have purchased several paintings. Therefore I have been concentrating on continuing this series. Several local art galleries here in Richmond, Virginia have expressed an interest in showing them. I am also adding larger works to the series and several are life-size.

I truly am enjoying painting them and pleased that others in viewing them are reminded of and embracing their cherished memories from the past too! ;0)

Original Oil Paintings by Carolyn Hietala aka Lifeoncanvas