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Carolyn Hietala


Purple Plum & White Cotton Handkerchief Still Life Art Oil Painting by Carolyn Hietala

Small original oil painting on 4"x4" stretched canvas. The appearance is very "Rich" with its dramatic lighting and will show even more depth & drama after varnishing. My Dad would be pleased to see his handkerchief included in this composition ;0) I truly enjoyed painting this little gem! See this painting's progression here:
photograph & painting copyright protected

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"Death By Chocolate #1" ACEO 2.5" x 3.5" miniature still life oil painting of Caramel & Dark Kisses & The Fly....... UPDATE:SOLD

This is the first in my new series Death By Chocolate. Should be a fun series as "the fly" will be present in all of these little works. I assure you the fly did perish of natural causes but alas..... lost a leg while positioning during a painting session..... sorry. May have to obtain a "stand-in" for future works ;0) Step by step in my Daily Painting Blog: Thank you for your interest in my art.
Carolyn Hietala

Shawnee Pottery Salt & Pepper Shakers Oil Painting / Original Art by Carolyn Hietala / SOLD.... (click here for purchase details)

Available in gallery - McCool's Of Bon Air - Richmond, Va.
This painting can be viewed from start to finish on my Painting Daily Oil Sketches blog. Here is the link

These shakers are very sentimental to me and I enjoyed painting them......with all the memories they hold. Thank you for your interest in my art. Carolyn Hietala


To All My Artist & Customer Friends.... Happy July 4th 2007!



Oil painting in progress of a Catbird's kitten preparing for a gourmet feast! Look what the cat... no bird dragged in! Original art by Carolyn Hietala

This is the reference photograph for a painting I am presently working on. Photo is of one of my fantasy art sculptures presented in a natural setting.... digitally altered to simulate a negative. The 9"x12" realistic oil will of course be in full natural color. The "fish"ingworm is the main course for this kitten! What if cats REALLY had wings.... would open up a whole new can of worms. You think?
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This is one of the paintings I am currently working on. See the step by step progression on my Painting Daily Oil Sketches blog (click here)

Painting begins with an oil wash sketch on 10"x10" stretched canvas. I will post updated images: as this painting progresses over the next few weeks. Then it will be off for auction via eBay. New kittens napping on old potholders and nesting bowls..... hey they'll sleep anywhere!
Carolyn Hietala